Are you hungry enough to go after what you want, tired enough of doing the same routine, pushed far enough in the corner to do something about the elephant on your plate?

Trust me it is not as bad as it seems.  The elephant on your table may reflect a business you want to start or a relationship that needs mending. It can represent a lot of things that you have ignored and brushed off, just to watch it grow bigger and bigger.  The elephant is not going to go away.  It is going to be there when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

The most important thing to do is to address and pursue the elephant.  Here are some tips to help you:

1.    Name your ‘elephant’.
2.    Break it down into bite-size pieces.
3.    List steps to take with start and complete dates.

As you focus on one bite at a time, you’ll be amazed at how this easy this process can get. You can now be free from worry as you say Grace and enjoy your meal. Bon Appetit!


Lucinda Cross is the author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs. She will guide you through unique self-discovery and your own business start-up. Lucinda's innovative methods provide pathways through the vital processes of self discovery, decision making, and the actual start up or expansion of your own business. Contact Lucinda at lucinda@lucindacross.com or visit or and .
Live near NYC? Join Lucinda on the Prayer Walk July 30th.

© 2011 Lucinda Cross All Rights Reserved
Reprinted with permission.

Caution: Overload

I am poking my head above the paperwork
to cry out: Help! I am drowning!
Make no mistake,
I know I am blessed to be employed.
Sometimes I let it run my life,
when that's Your job.

I put this in Your hands.
Shrink it down to size,
so that I might weave it
into the fabric of my life,
just one part of a much bigger pattern—
One that glorifies You
and uplifts me in the process.



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