Clark Kent slips into the telephone booth, swaps his mortal clothes for his Superman suit and leaps out of the booth a super-hero. That’s Nickie’s story too. By day she’s a mild-mannered administrative assistant taking orders from her boss and getting the job done. When she clocks out at 5:00 p.m., she slips into her “phone booth,” an ‘07 Mazda, pops in her Bluetooth and uses the drive home to make her phone calls to the women in her Empowerment Circle.

Nickie is all about the Superman credo: “Truth, justice and the American way.” She’s hell-bent on making sure that women in her community find support and encouragement from one another. That’s why she works so hard to recruit new members and bring self-help experts to the monthly meetings.

Only a few lucky ones can say the work that pays the bills is the work they love. Many passionate people lead double lives. Their day begins all over again after 5 o'clock when they devote themselves to a project or a cause that they believe in. In serving others and leading lives of purpose, we honor the Creator as we better the world around us.

In All I Do

Let me sing Your praise
in all that I am:
nurturing mother,
loving daughter,
faithful wife,
supportive employer,

disciplined employee,
or humble volunteer.

Let me sing Your praise
in all that I do:
bearing up the disappointed,
guiding the lost,
lending strength to the weary,
recognizing the forgotten.

Let me sing Your praise
with my voice:
speaking kind words,
calming tense situations,
refusing to tear another down.
Let me sing Your praise
in my heart.

"What do you love to do outside of your day job?"


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