"Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel."

These prophetic words from history-maker Bella Abzug, were obviously made prior to the disclosure that Bristol Palin earned $262,000 as teen pregnancy spokesperson for the Candie's Foundation. For the rest of us who are working hard to get ahead in our own careers, we must rely on being better than the competition.

How can we all be our very best self? Think carefully about which qualities you need to have to propel you past the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Yes, there's confidence, clarity and perseverance. And there's knowledge and opportunity too.

But, the one thing equally important; is destiny. Taking the time to understand what it is the Creator has in store for you, brings you to a place where you can be your best self, because you know yourself best.

Why Am I Here?

I haven't discovered my purpose yet.
My friends are so busy with their own.
They seem content while I am forever searching
for that one thing that will fill my being.
You have a plan for me.
May I only receive Your will in my mind.

"What's your destiny?"


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