According to your website, you teach people about "intuition, empowerment and how to live an abundant, worry-free life led by instinctual wisdom." Can you explain to our readers what that means to them?

A lot of my work just developed intuitively after giving an insane number of psychic and astrological readings to people for the last thirty or so years. I never really went looking for the work, it just happened. And I saw certain repetitive patterns in how people often interrupted through fear and worry a process that was unfolding in their lives. So I help people learn to trust the Divine flow.

This usually involves getting the mind and its endless attendant fears out of the way. (Not stopping them necessarily which is futile, but not fixating on them). And then following the inner tug that leads towards action at the right time, as opposed to the compulsive urge to act that arises out of anxiety. It's all very pragmatic and clear.

There are 'tricks' for how to align with that Divine flow and that's part of what I teach. Prayer is so helpful with learning to align. I had to learn so much this myself, growing up a wildly-anxious child but deciding as an adult I longed to learn to trust the Divine.

If people want to speak in generalities, your focus could be associated with psychic abilities. A major stigma surrounds the concept, with people associated the practice with charlatans and black magic. However, you write about it as though it's an enhanced form of intuition in many respects. Can you give our readers insight into what being a psychic is about?

Well, you know it's funny you ask that because I've been changing more and more to say I'm an 'intuitive' as opposed to a psychic. I'm actually quite uncomfortable with the term myself! And really I work differently than most psychics since my work is so eclectic and multifaceted. It's partly astrological. It's also spiritual. That has very little to do with conventional psychic readings!

I have no interest in playing fortune-teller or saying what to do in a dogmatic sort of way. That route can actually be dangerous as it can interfere with the natural unfolding of events one's own soul wishes to follow. Sometimes people have called me who have been filled with fear by a 'reader' who has said, "Hey, you're married to the wrong guy' or "you need to change your work" when in fact they are completely wrong.

So, my role is to help people amplify the voice inside and follow the inner wisdom. I pray to be of the highest use before someone calls. I invoke Divine Order so that whatever is the most important and useful and uplifting that needs to occur will occur. Then I often say at the start, "I am a second opinion on your own intuition. Only keep what echoes your inner voice, that's the true expert." My role is to help people to align with the inner Divine.

And here's the truth: too often readers (and therapists and teachers of all kinds for that matter) just become one more authoritarian voice that people give their power to. Much more interesting to be a source for empowerment. The truth is on the inside, I help someone trust and follow it.

Have you received a lot of backlash from skeptics? How do you cope with people who criticize your beliefs?

To be honest I really don't care. Actually neither my dad nor my brothers understand what I do so I have my own clan skeptics right within my own family!. It's pretty funny. Actually one brother is highly intuitive himself but a bit fearful of it. Anyway, many of my clients have called for ten or twenty years and most my work is endless word of mouth. I don't really advertise, people tend to hear about me and have a 'hit' they should reach me for a session. I just trust that. They can feel it's 'time'.

Also much of my work is astrologically based and that's such a beautiful, poetic science. Each soul has having a unique 'signature', like a piece of music. If you know how to interpret that for someone, you give them a tremendous gift. The first woman who read my chart when I was a teen changed the course of my whole life in the most uplifting way.

No nay-sayer could ever take that away.

Much of what you do revolves around spirituality. What do you believe in?

I believe a force of Love comprises every molecule of this world. The poems of the Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz really speak to me. I believe learning to align my will and my life with this force is the key to joy and fulfillment. In fact, I would say over time non-dualism, oneness with Divine, carries me. I love the writings of Adyashanti, a contemporary nondualist teacher and Nisargadatta Maharaj, a nondualist master from India.

So much has to do with releasing control and moving in spontaneity with that 'Flow.'

Do you pray in your own way? If so, how, when, where, and how often? What does it do for you?