Bare toes wriggling in front of me. Wait a minute… I’m at the Raleigh-Durham airport and those toes belong to a barefoot man in a long brown wool robe. There are eight more pairs of bare feet around me too, with a total of ninety toes showing up where I least expect it.

I was waiting to board a plane bound for Chicago, when I happened upon a group of traveling monks. I confess to staring, and then googling “barefoot monks” to figure out their story. It turns out certain orders of Brothers practice the discipline of walking barefoot as a way to keep them in touch with reality.  

You’ve seen other examples of people wearing their religion on the outside: The Hasidic men in their black frock coats and fedoras, Amish women wearing bonnets and dark cotton dresses, and the Muslim woman, her head covered completely, even on the hottest summer day.

Me, personally? I’m happy to dress fashionably and express my faith through deeds and prayer. To others, I say: Good for you! May you serve as a reminder to us all, to keep the faith.

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Greater Purpose

As we gather together today,

we praise You for
the diversity among us,
for the many experiences
and perspectives that make
our group complete
and make our mission possible.

As we share our ideas today,
please infuse our words
with wisdom and grace.
Open our minds that we may be enlightened
and inspired by one another.
Conduct this meeting in Your wisdom,
that our many ideas and opinions may converge
to fulfill the perfect purpose of Your will.



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