Actions don't always speak louder than words. Eva Jiron found a way in which words elicit the most powerful action of all. Believing in the power of prayer, Eva called out to the when a close friend and tenant lost her job. Taking matters into her own fingertips, Eva typed out a thoughtful prayer hoping that her call for help would aid her friend in need.

People and prayers united, and within two days, Eva's friend had been given a miraculous answer: the company realized it owed her some back pay and the money would be enough for her to get back on her feet. Eva told me she wasn't ever worried, her own life experience told her that an answer would come from prayer. A few heartfelt words became the action that changed a bad circumstance. What an inspiring example of trust in a power greater than any problem!

Unparalleled Gift of Community

The friends You have given me
bring explosive joy.
They bring laughter and hope.
They hold and support me
through trials and uncertainty.
They give me a sense of purpose
by allowing me the opportunity
to be an encouragement to them.

Through my friends,
You have given me
the unparalleled gift of community.
I thank You now for the love
I have received today–
for Your love and my friends– love,
which are in so many ways
one and the same.

"Do you believe in answered prayers?"


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