Identity – Create – Hidden – Workmanship

In the prayer community of the women of WAN, four words were the springboard for prayer that day.

Identity – Ask someone who they are and they will reply by telling you their profession. Instead, the answer can be, “I am God’s child, created in His image.”

Create – In our prayers we ask God to multiply the work of our hands and to be fruitful. Not only does God create your identity, but gives you the gift to create, every single day.

Hidden – To walk in the fullness of our purpose can seem like a distant dream. Search for yourself and your purpose through prayer and reflection.

Workmanship – Ah, the beauty of God’s creation! You are a masterpiece. Your unique life is poetic in God’s sight. God writes it and you walk it out. Rejoice in the day God has made.

Experience the riches of God’s grace through words and deed.

Excerpt from The WAN Morning Prayer October 13, 2011. Visit online for your free trial membership and participate in the next WAN Morning Prayer Group, held every Thursday morning at 6:00 am CST.

And be ready to pray with the ladies of WAN.

is an online and chapter based membership organization, founded by Anna McCoy. It's dedicated to empowering women to dream, believe, execute and connect with other like-minded women to achieve their goals in the now.

With Thanks

Thank You for all that I have,
all that I am, and all that I may one day become.

I know this is possible because
of the opportunities You gave me,
the teachers You sent my way.

Please help me give back to the world,
by being the glowing example
that You mean for me to be
each and every day.

In my actions, my words, and my love
may others see You shining through me.



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