Every email you send, every action you take, every word coming out of your mouth, can, and will, affect someone else.

There’s something called the Law of Increase. Your thinking gradually shifts to see more of the goodness in your life and others.  It opens the door for you to produce miracles out of the most powerful vessel you have; “your mouth.”

You can force increase in your life, and engineer amazing miracles and lucky breaks, that make life both invigorating and fulfilling. If you look for miracles in your life, you will find them in droves.

Maybe you find a parking space right on time, when you were running late and there is money in the meter already. Or you receive a financial gift from just when you needed to pay a major bill. Coincidence? No, it’s the expectation of increase.

Let your faith develop, be patiently persistent, and you’ll witness the miracles with clear and strong intention.


Lucinda Cross is the author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, consultant, speaker, coach, and trainer. Contact Lucinda at lucinda@lucindacross.com, and visit her at and .

© 2011 Lucinda Cross All Rights Reserved
Reprinted with permission.

Moving Mountains

You see what I am up against.
My head is bloodied from banging it against
the wall of corruption and denial.
Save me.

I am shadow boxing, trying to make a change,
yet all I strike is empty air.
Give me strength to keep fighting.

Let the justice of my cause break down the walls.
You, who alone have power over the powers-that-be,
let righteousness be done, in my name, and in Yours.



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