We're deep in the hunger season for many smallholder farmers in western Kenya. Last year's maize harvest has run out for a lot of farmers and they must buy maize at the market. Unfortunately, there is a countrywide food shortage and prices are four times higher than they were at the beginning of the season.

Beatrice Arinyula lives in Lutacho village. She joined a new type of farmer's co-op, One Acre Fund, and is waiting for her harvest. She is suffering from hunger and faces the daily reality of doing work in her fields on an empty stomach. So do her children, Loreen and Rukia. Their father, who was a policeman, died in 2007, and since then, the family has faced an uncertain future.

But Beatrice is now optimistic. Her half acre of maize is full of strong, dark green stalks, and she anticipates one of the best harvests of her life in August. With the seed and fertilizer she received from her co-op, combined with the training provided by her field officer, Beatrice is on her way to producing more than enough food to feed her family.

Nick Handler is the Kenya Country Director for . OAF empowers subsistence farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing training, planting materials and access to markets. One Acre Fund makes it possible for even the poorest and most rural farmer to generate more income, and permanently solve their own hunger problem. 'Enough' is an excerpt from One Acre Fund's Family Profiles.


For the love in the hands
that prepared this food, I thank You.

For the warmth of the meal and the
warmth of the conversation, I thank You.

For the laughter bubbling over
the spread before us, I thank You.

I praise You for the joyful spirits You sustain,
for the willing hands so happy to serve,
for open hearts so eager to share.

My stomach is full, and my soul is bursting.
Thank You for feeding me today.



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