ScavengerHuntsandSurprisePartiesDuring my down time, you can find me vegging out in front of the USA Network . I love all their shows (except for late night WWE wrestling). White Collar is one of USA Network’s popular shows, involving a con-man working with an FBI agent.

My weekly dose of wisdom comes in the form of the character Mozzie.  Mozzie has the tendency to (mis)quote famous people when inspiration strikes.

In a recent re-run of the past season, Mozzie attempted to steal credit from Jimmy Buffet for an inspirational quotation: "Life is more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.” It’s witty and it packs powerful meaning on a spiritual level.

Scavenger hunts are a scramble because they come with a promise of reward. In Easter egg hunts, candy and money await your eager detective skills. But there’s a catch… you have to put in the effort first. Surprise parties on the other hand require far less action on your part.  Others do the prep work and you get the cake and presents. The difference is whether or not you put in the effort.

Which does your prayer life resemble? Do you just expect your prayer answer to be dropped into your lap? Whether your prayers are for something serious or superficial, we should approach life with directive like a scavenger hunt.

Don’t just wait around while you’re waiting for an answer to prayer. Do something! Prayers are answered in many ways. Prayers can be answered in the way we want, but that doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes answers to prayers come in the form of Creator-given abilities and skills. Other times answers come in the form of a friend or stranger. If you’re not looking for the answer, the person, the ability, it’ll pass you by.

We should be actively patient while waiting for answers. Relationship issues? I’ve prayed in the past “CHANGE HIM! He’s the problem.” Don’t just pray that the other person will change; pray for a change of heart for yourself as well. Reexamine your own attitudes and habits that could be tearing at your relationship. Financial crunch? Don’t just pray for more money or a promotion. Change your spending and work habits. The point is to seek out faith-filled inspiration.

The difference between active and passive prayer is simple. Imagine being lost on a road trip - you don't pray to appear on the road magically; you pray that you can find a way out. Do you stand in place? Probably not.  You keep moving in search of the road in the hopes that Divine inspiration takes you in the right direction.

My prayer today is to take Mozzie’s message to heart. Whether you’re the criminal con-artist, the law-abiding FBI agent, White Collar has a few pearls of wisdom to teach you about waiting for answers to prayer.


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