He was watching the Pentagon burn from his office window.  It was the morning of September 11, 2001. At that precise moment, he knew for certain, the time had come to make a change in his life. Brian became a Rabbi.

Rabbi means teacher, But that’s not the only thing a Rabbi does. Like clergy of all faiths, they provide comfort to the sick and bereaved, run charitable missions, give sermons, and conduct worship services. A religious leader touches the minds, hearts, and souls of us ordinary folk.

The tragedy of 9-11 caused one young man to step out from behind his desk and answer a higher calling.  Brian found a way to honor the deceased through inspired leadership. Countless others have found ways to make sense of senseless hatred, by living a life of kindness, understanding and charity.

In blessed memory of the victims of 9-11, offer a prayer today.  Give thanks to the Creator for the ability to find good in bad, and opportunity from destruction.

from a selection of 9-11 prayers on

Faith vs. Reason

I'm here,
You're there,
and yet, we're together.
I've been around the block, around the world.
Somehow, You're everywhere I go.

Make me mindful that life
is not all or nothing.
Embolden me as I fail forward
knowing that the only mistake
would be not to try.

Inspire me to progress every single day.
Remind me not to take it personally
when I call and You don't pick up.
You gave me the gift of reason
precisely so I would ask questions.
Be patient with me as I engage my senses
and still find the faith to follow my heart.



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