What conclusions can be drawn from these statistics? Loose ones to be sure. In a time where the economy is in the toilet, jobs are hard to come by and people are coming off of holiday depression, prayer makes sense. A found that prayer is effective in helping people deal with negative emotions, giving people something to turn to when things are rough... like, right now.

There's reason to have hope during the next year.  was up during this holiday season compared to the past several years, which bodes well for economic growth in the coming months. Unemployment is down in some of the hardest hit states, like , which may indicate that we're close to the bottom of this economic dip. It can't hurt to pray that we're right about that prediction.

No one can truly predict what the next year will hold. Political instability in the international community can affect America in unexpected ways. Here's praying that any changes that take place are for the better.


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