On Saturday, members of the community gathered together to partake in a caravan of prayer, stopping at nine different locations to pray for Sacramento and for an end to the violence that has been causing the area so much strife. Each car had the opportunity to register and partake for $10, with proceeds benefiting the .

began organizing these drive-by prayer rallies after 9/11 in an attempt to bring people of all faiths together in solidarity against threats to the community. The latest wave of gun violence has created a sense of even greater urgency to this particular rally.

"It doesn't matter how young, old, we're bringing people together, driving around praying for peace in the city," Russell said. "If drive-by shootings kill, then drive-by prayer can heal."

Sacramento is not alone. Communities across the country are embracing interfaith prayer as a means of bringing people together for positive purpose. Rallies like these highlight the common concerns of humanity despite religious differences. If people can bridge centuries old religious divides, the problems our communities face today suddenly seem a little easier to tackle.

Time will tell whether the prayer drive-by makes a difference in the violence. At the very least, they've lifted the spirits of an entire city.


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