Winning the lottery is not a reliable path to a secure retirement. Of the 62 million wage and salaried women (age 21 to 64) working in the U.S., only 45 percent participate in a retirement plan. Why do so many women spend a lifetime working only to put savings last on their list of priorities?

The obvious answer is that paychecks are too small and don’t cover even basic needs. But affluent women too, are guilty of not getting serious about saving for retirement. and teamed up to ask women the question: “Why aren’t you planning for the future?”   After examining the survey data, two hypotheses came to light:

1. Many women still live in a retro fantasy where they think someone else will take care of the future.
2: Women actually have what it takes to plan a secure future—but their lack of confidence prevents them from taking control.

If you think having faith in a financially secure future is enough— think again. We are given abilities to shape our own destiny. Our thoughts may be divinely inspired, and our prayers directed to the divine, but our actions are ours alone. Show your financial savvy and put a retirement plan in place to provide comfort and security for your faith-filled future.

Pennies From Heaven

As I wondered where the money came from,
I said to myself:
What do you think?
That money would fall from the sky?

Then I realized,
that’s where all my money
has ever come from,
even if I earned it on a job
or found it on the street.
Thank You for providing for me,
now and always.

Help me to do my part.
Guide me in the direction
of my next step
and help me take it.

Once I have what I need,
remind me of Your favor,
and that the biggest debt I owe
is to You.



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