Riddle me this: What do you want, but don’t want to want? Answer: Money! Sure, we need money. We dream about the Publisher’s Clearing House gang coming to our door with a giant, unwieldy check. But we feel bad about wanting it, as if the desire makes us less spiritual, less good. Jesus didn’t want money. The Buddha fasted his way to holiness. Why can’t we do the same?

There is no shame in desiring financial success. You are not a bad person if being “poor but proud” doesn’t appeal to you. Pleas for monetary stability and bounty are the most popular genre of prayer. And there’s a reason: We all deserve good things to come to us. And maybe, just maybe, if we can overcome our guilt about it, it might just happen for us. It’s worth a prayer.

Attention Shoppers

Why is it that what I want
is never on the rack?
Peace of mind.

I make myself believe
that a handbag will suffice,
but You know it never does.

Instead let's go shopping together,
You and I.
Only instead of shoes,
I'll look for hope,
purchase forgiveness,
pursue restraint.

"What would you do with more money?"


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