This is going to be a drive-by, nothing more. She stealthily winds her way down the cul-de-sac. Her eyes enjoy only a brief glance at the treasures on display. It's garage sale season, but Peggy is on the wagon.

Finances are tight at the DelMonico household. Last year, Peggy learned the hard way: Too many stops at thrift shops and rummage sales can turn a good deal into a bad one. Her bank account was overdrawn because of all the impulse purchases she made while bargain-hunting. This year, things are different.

Peggy made a decision to end non-essential buying. Temptation is everywhere: Daily Deals in her email, garage sale signs poking up at busy intersections, a cardboard display at the cash register. And yet, Peggy draws from her inner strength and has managed to resist the lure of a great bargain. The best deal she ever made, is the one she renews each day— gratitude to the One who provides for every need.

Rescue Mission

This morning I awake
with a mountain of debt
on my shoulders;
I feel my feet slip
as an avalanche of bills
sends me sliding out of control.

Please rescue me
from this frightening place;
Please send reserves
of time and patience,
and financial resources
to lift me from the path of disaster.

Help me to remember
that even in times of great stress
Your grace will always protect me
and will gently place my troubled soul
on solid footing.

"Has bargain shopping gotten out of hand for you?"


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