At any given moment you can turn to your nearest woman and ask her; what is one thing you want? At the top of her list she will most likely say: balance.

Many people are tuned out spiritually, tapped out financially or stressed out physically due to the lack of balance in their lives. The BIG question is; where is balance? How can I get some? Is there enough to go around? How long does it last? Does it come in colors?

In all seriousness, if you are not balanced, then most likely you don’t have order or stability. And without it, your life is out of whack. When you find balance you will be well equipped to handle the unexpected storm. You can get up quickly
and keep it moving.

Having balance in life, improves the value in all areas of life, including your bank account.  Watch how the impasse begins to flow effortlessly when you are in balance.

To gain balance—remember one thing: quality not quantity.  Don’t get caught up doing a little bit of EVERY-thing and not focusing on THE-thing that matters most.


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Balance of Love

I know You designed me for this—
To be self-aware,
self-soothing, self-knowledgeable.
Like all of Your cleverly-crafted creatures,
I am designed to protect and sustain myself.
But please help me get this thing under control.

I'm losing command of this mechanism,
swinging dangerously close to self-everything,
losing contact with mindful and attentive and generous.

Guide me back to the center.
Show me the balance
between the love I owe myself
and the love I am privileged to give,
the part of me that holds kindness
and the part of me that shares it...

The part of me that seeks You
and the part of me that reflects You.



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