After being away for a while I have re-started my practice of yoga. There is an elegant, and graceful man, who is my teacher. With authority he guides me through his class.  With intelligent wit he keeps me engaged allowing me to forget, at least momentarily, my protesting muscles. “Keep going 30 seconds left…three – two – one, now release the pose.”

Lying on my mat, reflecting, I begin to wonder if I am vulnerable. A question pushes forward.  What if we all loved from this depth?  

I think about how good it would be if we opened our eyes every morning with the expressed intent to be an expansive force of charismatic love. If no matter what we have to accomplish during the day, we live heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, life-to-life.  Love starts here.

I don’t know anything about my yoga teacher.  I don’t know if he is an accountant by day and a spiritual healer at night. I do know that he is radiant with the power of love.  And so am I. My innermost intertwines with the essence of me.

Mercedes Warrick is The Intuitive CEO® at The Achievement Sanctuary® and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up®.  She assists people to release, align, energize and elevate  their inner beliefs with their outer lives and this includes their work!  Visit her websites at and  

© 2011 Mercedes Warrick. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

Practical Pipedreams

They say the only stupid question
is the one that isn't asked.
Somehow, You've got me believing
the only dreams that won't come true
are the ones not pursued.

Help me to modulate my expectations,
while still plowing toward my goal at full-speed.
Bless my unreasonable ambition
so that it grows into something tangible.
Open my mind to new ways of doing things.

Hone my skills so that I change
with the times and create my own niche.
Allow to make useful mistakes and learn from them.
Stay with me as I keep my mind
on what I'm really working toward.


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