Starting a family is the mother lode of big decisions. Even more so for Alan and Paula Sprecher; they're both legally blind. Yet, they knew there was no room for indecision when they met two nuns who were fundraising for an orphanage in India. The nuns told the Sprechers about Rupa, an orphan who is blind.

It was as if their decision had been divinely made for them. It wasn't long before the equation read: Alan + Paula + Rupa. One year later they found Aihula and adopted their second daughter, who was blind too. The family of four lives a full life; busy with work, school and all the extra-curricular activities a young family takes on.

Rupa and Aihula are blessed to have parents who understand their special needs and can teach them all there is to know about living independently. Alan and Paula are learning every day how children change your life in an instant.

Families come in all colors, shapes and sizes; a gift from God to be appreciated and cherished, no matter what the circumstances. Celebrate the unique quality of your family. Like the Sprechers, you'll be able to see beyond the challenges and look directly at the joy.

Pregnant Pause

As far back as I can remember,
I've imagined myself as a mother,
but there's no manual for this.
The sense of loss before it ever was,
the aching emptiness.
Yet as bereft as I feel,
I know my child is waiting.
And in time, in Your time,
this pregnant pause will pass.
All it takes is love to be a family.
All it takes is time to heal all wounds.
Bless me with mouths to feed and toes to count.
When the time is right,
and You've made me ready,
Grace us with our precious bundle of joy.



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