There is no canned dog food, and my Bella Qi looks up at me with questioning eyes. She pushes the dry kibble around her dish, then walks away. During the day, she follows me into the kitchen, sniffs at the dry food, glares, and then lies down.

My five-year-old German shepherd is living up to her name, “Beautiful Energy.”  With no ability to drive to the store, pay for her own food, and prepare it the way she likes it, she can only wait for the food to arrive, exactly the way she wants it.

Around five o’clock, an errand surfaces. A store is along the way, and my love’s canned food is purchased.

When it’s presented in the perfect way, Bella Qi inhales her food.  Clearly hungry, she waited until what she wanted arrived in the manner in which she wanted it.  Is this stubborn, intelligent, or persistent? Probably all three.  It is also faithful.

When is the last time you waited with stubborn persistence for your Infinite Supply to be delivered to you in the best and most perfect way, exactly to your specifications?

Brava, Bella Qi!

Affirmation: Energized Expectation!

Mercedes Warrick is The Intuitive CEO® at The Achievement Sanctuary® and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up®.  She assists people to release, align, energize and elevate  their inner beliefs with their outer lives and this includes their work!  Visit her websites at and  

© 2011 Mercedes Warrick. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.


I ask Your blessing upon all
who enter my life today.
May they feel Your love
as they interact with me,
hear Your love when I speak
and leave my presence knowing
they have been touched by Your love.

Guide me to see, feel,
and love the way You do.
Help me be blind to the shortcomings of those around me.
Open my eyes to the needy;
not only to those who are short on money
but to those who are low on patience, caring and love.
Remind me that everything and everyone I encounter today
have been ultimately created by You.


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