When I’m dissatisfied and would like to go back to my youth, I remember Algebra.  Nope, couldn’t go back. My days of sitting in a classroom, bored and confused, are definitely behind me.

It’s happening more often now. Instant flashes of sadness because I’m getting older. Sometimes I have to mentally slap myself and say, “Get over it.”

I went to a rock concert recently. I looked out over the crowd and saw thousands of twinkling lights holding tribute to the great aging rock stars performing the oldies. My mistake. It was the reflection of the stage lights on the eyeglasses in the audience – goodbye Bic lighters, we don’t need you anymore.

I’m carefully sidestepping the melancholy I feel about not being young. I’m deliberately ending conversations (like this) lamenting the aging process. I am determined to enjoy the natural life cycle God gives me. I am blessed with the wisdom of years and the promise of a bright tomorrow.

I am Ageless

What if there were no mirrors
upon which to reflect?
Would I strive harder, laugh louder,
believe in myself more?
Would I embrace a world filled with
endless possibilities?

What if birthdays had no numbers,
just a celebration of this life?
I fear growing older.
Will You help me with my struggle?
Can You bring forward this child
trapped in another's skin?

You, who knows my song,
You, who can give it wings,
please, tomorrow let me wake up
not feeling scared,
knowing that with You, I am renewed.
I am young, I am eternal.
I am forever ageless.



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