They say that growing old is compulsory, and growing up is discretionary.

Each individual has his own idea of what makes one grow. Each nation and creed has its own method or ceremony of determining when someone has grown up.

Sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists and many other "ologists" will tell you that each person has to pass through several rites of passage to get there, wherever they deem there to be.

There are three stages:
1. Separation
2. Transition
3. Incorporation

One of the most important shifts in a person's life takes place when he officially leaves adolescence behind and enters adulthood. But being grown up is not tantamount to being emotionally mature.

Although entering adulthood is celebrated in different ways, there is one element shared by all: The elder is nearby to guide the youth.

It's nice to have someone look after you, and sometime you may not know it's being done. Let's all look around us and see whether someone needs a hidden helping hand.

Growing older doesn't require effort. Helping others grow up, does.


Helping Hands

Here, together,
each one different and unique.
Let's unite...
Pulling hearts together
in order to cherish,
nurture, love,
and sustain those growing up.
Helping others heal and hope
and encouraging them now,
to fulfill future dreams,
with support from You.



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