You know about the miracles in the Bible. But what about modern day miracles? Do you ever wonder how to find your soulmate? If you do, you're probably thinking, "it will take a miracle." But if you think hard enough, you recognize the many miracles already in your life. Just one more tiny little miracle and Voila! you find your soulmate.

Here's Claudine's story; she was single, sixty, and living in a cozy little cottage in South Haven Michigan. It was winter in the seasonal beach town and not much opportunity to meet someone new. Claudine was talking to her girlfriend Claire who just got back from an unsuccessful fix-up with Henry. Nice guy, but not her type. Yet, she had a sense, a strange feeling that there was something about Henry that would make him a perfect fit for Claudine. Not quite perfect. Henry lived in sunny California and Claudine in snowy Michigan. 

Where's the soulmate connection? Where's the miracle?  Things happen for a reason. Sometime positive, sometimes negative. But you always have to be aware. When you're on the look-out for little openings that could make a miracle, they happen. Claudine was aware that her friend's intuition was worth pursuing. Sure enough, Henry turned out to be her soulmate. They are happily married today, splitting their time between South Haven and Southern California. Lucky girl. Blessed is more like it.

True awareness can be more valuable than intelligence. After all, You don't know "what you don't know" until you become aware. Modern day miracles are all around you. Make a list, recall a story, share a glimpse of something beautiful with a loved one. With your new awareness, you are more likely to find your soulmate, and enjoy life more fully by being in touch with your inner self, and being aware of what is going on around you.   

How to Find Your Soulmate

1. Recognize the miracles in your life
2. Always be aware of your surroundings
3. Don't miss an opportunity to pursue a long-shot

If you follow these simple steps, you'll find your soulmate. You'll also be more grateful and uplifted by the presence of modern day miracles in your every day life.

grammagood how to find your soulmate- Susan Good, founder of Gramma Good, a community to connect grandmothers worldwide.  Check out her blog at www.grammagood.com

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