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Help me deal with the worries
the fill my heart with dread.
What if I make a mistake
that delays treatment?
What if I make a mistake
that prolongs someone's pain?
Or, even worse, shortens their life?
Help me remember that you are here,
not only for the patients
but also for me, their nurse.
Help me feel Your comforting presence,
moving me forward,
to act with Your spirit in my heart.

- Sue Bradford Edwards

My college roommate was a complete bitch. I'm grateful for her rotten personality, sarcasm and mean spirit. Michelle was all the motivation I needed to spend a lifetime in a good mood. She scared the crabbiness right out of me; I'm rarely moody anymore.

I was getting ready for the long holiday weekend, and I was in a terrific mood. I got a request for a sample copy of my new book and I went to the UPS store down the block from my condo, to send it out. Picture me whistling a happy tune. I walk into the store to complete my very pleasant task...

  - Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond