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There is a pattern to sunlight
dancing soft shadows
across the morning trees.
There is an order, even to the current,
flowing towards tumbling waterfalls.
There is destiny based on choices,
and a calling to those who search.
There is more here than even a poet
can pen at dawn, and a philosopher
can surmise from the pages of time.
There is more, and for that I am thankful.

-  Patricia Williams

When you read a great book, it's like being in the time and place of the story and becoming friends with its characters. That's where I've been the last few weeks: Yorkshire England, in the 1940's, with country veterinarian James Herriot. All Creatures Great and Small is the first of a series of books; partly memoir, partly fiction, and totally delightful. How does he do it? James Alfred Wight (using the pen name of James Herriot) has turned out five books; each one reads like a prayer.

Let's start with the titles in the collection of Herriot's books:
1. All Creatures Great and Small
2. All Things Bright and Beautiful
3. All Things Wise and Wonderful
4. The Lord God Made Them All
5. Every Living Thing

  - Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond 



My daughter doesn't like to go to bed. Well, no, let me revise my previous statement. My daughter loves to go to BED, but hates to go to SLEEP.

Laying her down has become a testy tango. I lay her down, she pretends to go to sleep, opens her door, pushes out the bottom of the baby gate, army crawls under it, and begins to create disasters
- Prayables Team Blogger, Lauren Nelson 

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