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Daily Prayable

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Please give me vision
that can see the genuine article,
hearing that senses lies,
and a taste for what is substantive.

Please grant me a connection
to what's pure and right and just.
Protect me from the disingenuous
and those with a hidden agenda.

Surround the young with good influences
and the ability to think critically.
Bolster them so they protect
themselves and each other.

Help them to stand for something,
so they don't fall for just anything.

-  Ruth Williams

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The Prayables Community

From Our Social Media:

Yei Jackson
said, "Today's prayer was deep into my heart, reminds me that when all comes together things happen. Thank God for people like you."

On : Jane
said, "that pray was what i needed fortoday. :thank youlol:"

On : Nichole
said, "One of the best things that you can do for yourself in this life is to truly understand yourself and acknowledge who you are and what you want."

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