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Happy Women's History Month!

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We gather together,
women of all faiths.
We bring to you
our thanks and our worries,
our joy and our heartbreak.
You are much greater
than we can ever be.
Please share with us
the peace and wisdom
You give to all who ask.
Give us hope and joy
as we gather together
today and tomorrow.

-  Sue Bradford Edwards

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The Prayables Community

From Our Social Media:

On : pollard said, "it is a joy to live and give .just somthing i was thinking this morning."

Shirley t said, "How beautifully expressed! Thank you for speaking to me this morning. Your words seemed written just for me...especially the last 2 lines...my sharing and reflecting God to others (family) is seriously "challenging" me...thank you for reminding me to ask Him to restore me with balance! Continue to be blessed"

On : Graham A.K. Penfold said, "It Is Funny, Because Its Not True, You Can Pray Unceaseingly And Still Have A
 Sense Of Humour Thank The LORD..."

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