Daily Prayable


Please help me look away
from the narrow view created by the media.
Please help me go into the world
and find families who love.
Help me open myself to the natural wonders
You have put all around me:
from dew on a leaf
to mountains soaring overhead.
With Your help, may I move
with a sense of purpose as I seek out
ways to do Your will,
ways to love Your children,
and ways to sing Your praise.

-  Sue Bradford Edwards


(From the Archives)
She is my age, exactly. Karen's birthday is three days before mine, same year. We were in high school together 1970-1974. It was a time of change; girls were allowed to wear pants to school. For the first time, our leg coverage of choice expanded beyond nylons and a garter belt, or knee socks. Karen was like me; when the dress code eased up, she didn't go full-out hippie, yet she "dirtied-up" the preppie look. Back then, it seemed like everyone went to University of Illinois-- smart or not. Me and Karen ended up as suite mates at IT (Illini Towers) in Champaign. I dropped out, she went on to Northwestern Law School, and landed a job at Winston-Strawn.

When you have a serious profession, like law, and you're a woman, you're more likely to get married a little later in life.

- Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond 


When I was a kid, I caught the occasional spider and let it loose in my room without telling my sister.

But, it wasn't a practical joke.

I was being eco-conscious, way before the word was a twinkle in any environmentalist's eye.

The spiders themselves never caused a problem; however, their webs did - especially when bits of them dangled from the corners of the ceiling or light fixture. Removing them completely would have meant evicting Itsy Bitsy and Incey Wincey from their tiny homes. And leaving them there made the room look messy. Option number three, trying to sweep them closer to the ceiling, left oily marks on the walls.

Eventually I discovered that touching the web lightly on one side would make the spider scamper to the other side...
- Prayables Team Blogger, Tanja Cilia
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