Daily Prayable


I don't want to hear
what is being said
so clearly to me.

The solution
I've already devised
takes less time
and isn't as much trouble.
Help me to see,
that to give,
as You would have me give,
means dipping into
what I'd rather keep.
Help me hear
what is being said,
as well as what is not.
Help me do
what you would have me do,
as a way to praise You
who gave me all.
-  Sue Bradford Edwards


"Women, how do you handle heartbreak?" That was the lead-in to a Palm Beach Post article that caught my eye. It's written by Barbara Marshall, and focuses on Amy Botwinick's Web TV Show, Divorce Rehab.  I'm fascinated on two levels: First, reality show on the web? I'm so busy avoiding reality shows on TV, it never occurred to me that the web was broadcasting. And I call myself tech savvy... feh. Second: How do women handle heartbreak? What are women saying their lives are like after divorce?...

- Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond


"Zing with the oy and the hey-o and the nice lady!"  This was my son, quoting a funny line from the latest popular video on YouTube.  "Oh, you discovered Jerry Lewis?" I asked.

He said, "Who's Jerry Lewis?"  I told him it was the comedian he was quoting.  He said, "C'mon, Ma, that was Ray William Johnson."
- Prayables Team Blogger, Ruth Williams

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