Daily Prayable


Ying, yang, high, low...
Laid back, impatient; stay, or go?
Decisions we make, each day of our life,
praying for serenity, in moments of strife.
Sometimes, it's the tiny actions that matter;
We know that a hug can make many things better.

Help me be at peace without being complacent;
active without being agitated;
balanced without being finicky;
fruitful without being ostentatious;
enthusiastic without being overwhelming.

-  Tanja Cilia



What if you could make money by talking on the telephone to your best friend?  That's what's been happening to me and my girlfriend Debbie every week. Once again, I bless technology. Blog Talk Radio offers a platform to do an internet radio show over the telephone, and there are millions of listeners. A million have not tuned in to hear our show-- yet. But we're in the hundreds and rising steadily.

My mother is of the generation that really talks... a lot... on the telephone..

- Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond


I don't remember a whole lot of vocal praying going on in my house growing up, but I knew my mother was a prayerful woman. With seven children, born in a sixteen-year span, you'd have to be, wouldn't you?

Then I got married, and we lived with my mother-in-law for 21 years.
- Prayables Team Blogger, Mary Boscaino

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