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Everybody who works here
tells a story with their clothes.
Some have on suits; I'm wearing a uniform.

Make me proud of myself and what I do
as I go to work each day.

Let the people I work with
know that I'm here to do a job,
and I mean business.
Inspire me to give my best effort
and put on my best attitude
as I get up and get the job done every day.

My work is just as important
as those at the top of the corporate ladder.
Help me remember, there's no higher-up
greater than You.

- Ruth Williams

I'm not really around little kids that often in the winter months. That's when I live in West Palm Beach Florida, in a condo, next to a University, and close to the business district. I work from home and I don't get out much. My most regular outings are when I go to synagogue. The New Synagogue of Palm Beach, doesn't have many (if any) young families, so I was surprised when a little girl started showing up to services recently.

Bella is an adorable six-year old, with a brilliant imagination, personality plus and ten times more smarts than many of the old folk in my community. We became friends...

  - Chief of Pray, Susan Diamond