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Daily Prayable

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I clear the space that surrounds us.
I set aside the clutter of my day
so the chaos does not obstruct my view of You.

I clear myself.

I breathe out the weight of my ego
so my heart is opened to you.

I open my eyes.
I find you at my side,
waiting for my frantic mind
to settle finally on You.

We meet,
joining in the sacred ceremony of our routine
in the quiet motions that still my wild heart.
It's time to be in this moment.
I am with You and nowhere else.

-  Abigail Wurdeman

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The Prayables Community

We got this nice note from a Daily Prayable subscriber: "Yep, these are tough times, but some things / decisions are simple. What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. We pray for our President, our Country, and all our elected officials. We especially pray for all the Church Family to grow, and Forgive our Banker's for what they do. Most are simply messenger's, of these troubled times.
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From Our Social Media:

: Ann Karima Nur said in response to Mosque of Paris post: "If we close our eyes and think back to the first man and woman...some call Adam and Eve...there is only one family. We are all related. If we think to how the earth is created, all creation is our family."

: Karri Hodge Hollingsworth from Sunday's post: "This site & daily prayable email are a huge part of my daily walk with God! Thank you for all the encouragement!"

: Tish Stapf on Sunday posted on our wall: "I get this in my email daily...and I love to share with all my friends! God bless you all for this wonderful site!"

: Michelle L Hankes said yesterday: "Prayables just posted another one of my prayers: Refreshed! Thanks, Prayables"

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