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Daily Prayer

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Into Your hands, I place my own.
It belongs there, as natural as rain falling.
I trust You to keep a tight grip,
whatever the excursion brings.

-  Lori Strawn

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More Daily inspiration

My two year old daughter and I are both major Disney movie junkies. Anything with a tiara and poofy ball gown, and we're spell bound.

The more cheesy music, the better. It's mother-daughter bonding at its most obnoxious, and I am more than willing to admit it.

Though I can quote/sing the majority of these clich� films, my daughter was the one to open my eyes to a message within Snow White not too long ago. Snow White had finally had her wish granted. Despite the Evil Stepmother's attempts, her Prince had found her sleeping and woken her in time to ride off into her happily ever after...
- Prayables Team Blogger, Lauren NelsonSmall Hr

I have a confession. I love top 40 hits. Say what? Yes, I know, top 40 songs aren't exactly the most praise-filled, godly, spiritual, (insert any generic religious adjective here), etc.

Some are downright dirty and scandalous.
Yet when I hop in the car, my first instinct is to flip on the radio to the nearest mainstream station and start rocking out.

Although I can't hold a tune, I belt out the lyrics loud and proud. I'm in love with the music, the feeling, or the tone of the song, not necessarily the actual lyrics.

My guilty pleasure has taken a new turn in recent years. Since I've been forced to listen to the lyrics as well as the great beats they're paired with, I've started taking a greater interest in the words.  More specifically, I like reinterpreting them in a spiritual sense...

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