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Daily Prayable

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Sometimes when I think
I can't scrub the dirt off
the kitchen floor
(or my soul)
I want to give up,
but I get down on my knees.

You've shown me that
practical prayers and elbow grease
accomplish so many things.

I say grace for the clearing,
the cleansing, the calm;

for everything I feel inside, but haven't said,

for seeing who I actually was underneath the film,

for the fact that You never gave up on me.
I get up off my knees and thank You;
for allowing me to work for what I want,
so I know I've earned it and You've blessed it.

-  Ruth Williams

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The Prayables Community

From Our Social Media:

: Linda Johnson said "I wrote this about 12 years ago and when my dad was slipping away the night before he died my 3 bro. and I started singing gospel song I sang this. You gave me life You gave me love You gave me joy from up above. You gave me hope You gave me strength You gave me everything I need (chours)I thank you JESUS I thank you JESUS I thank you JESUS for all you given me. It has helped me so since the day I was looking up to the heavens writing it."

: Joanne Goldsmith said "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." -- Helen Keller

: Tiger Chung said Thanks for your prayers.....

: KateMc said Thank you for sharing this special prayer with the group. So often I forget that all I need is a moment to connect and feel refreshed and able to deal with the next challenge.

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