and fills the eye with light;
the love that keeps us whole,
and day by day sustains us.  

Blessed are you Hashem, our God, King of the Universe
Who forms light and creates darkness,
Who makes peace and creates all.
He Who illuminates the earth
and those who dwell upon it,
with compassion, and in goodness
He renews every day, perpetually the work of Creation.
How abundant are your works, Hashem,
all of them with wisdom You made;
full is the earth with Your possessions.
You are the King Who was exalted in solitude from before creation,
Who is praised, glorified, and upraised since days of old.
God of eternity, with Your compassion that is abundant,
be compassionate on us; Oh Master of our power,
our rocklike stronghold; O shield of our salvation,
Who is a stronghold for us.
The blessed God, Who is great in knowledge,
prepared and produced the rays of the sun;
the Beneficent One that he fashioned provided honor for His name.
Luminaries did he place all around His power.
The leaders of his legions, holy ones who exalt the Almighty,
constantly relate the honor of God and his sanctity.
May you be blessed, and for the luminaries of light that You have made,
may people glorify You forever.
May You be blessed, our Rock, our King, and our Redeemer,
creator of holy ones; may your name be praised forever,
Our King, O fashioner of ministering angels;
and Whose ministering angels all stand at the summit
of the universe of the living God and King of the universe.
They are all beloved; they are all flawless; they are all mighty;
they are do with dread and reverence in holiness and purity,
in song and hymn, and bless, praise, glorify, revere, sanctify,
and declare the kingship of the Name of God, the King Who is great,
Who is mighty and Who is awesome; holy is He.
Then they all accept upon themselves the yoke of the sovereignty of heaven,
from one another, and grant permission one to another, of Creation.
As it is said: Give thanks to Him Who makes the great luminaries,
for enduring forever is His kindness.
A new light on Zion may You shine,
and may we merit, all of us speedily, to benefit from its light.
Blessed are You, Hashem Who fashions the luminaries.

Praised are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe,
Creator of light and darkness, who make peace and fashions all things.
In mercy, You illuminate the world and those who live upon it.
In Your goodness You daily renew creation.
How numerous are You works, Adonai!
In wisdom, You formed them all, filling the earth with Your creatures.
Be praised, Adonai our God, for the excellent work of your hands,
And for the lights You created; may they glorify You.
Shine a new light upon Zion, that we  may swiftly merit its radiance.
Praised are You Adonai, Creator of heavenly lights.

We bless You Adonai,
our God, ruler of the universe.
You create light and darkness,
You make peace,
And create all things.
All acknowledge You,
All praise Your unique holiness,
All declare:
None is holy like Adonai!
All exalt You, for You create everything.
Each day
You burst open the doors of the eastern sky,
And the windows of the globe surrounding the world,
And You propel the sun and moon
Out of their resting places.

Each day You bring light to the world and its inhabitants,
Each day You create the world all over again,
Each day You demonstrate goodness.
How abundant are your works, Adonai,
All fashioned with wisdom;
The entire world is filled with Your creations,
For ages, we have praised You and glorified You.
You are our exalted ruler,
You are our eternal God.
Have compassion on us,
infinite source of compassion.
You are our rock of strength,
our shield of protection, our spring of salvation.

Adonai, source of blessings, boundless in understanding.
You planned the shining of the sun and made it happen.
Your creations are amazing and bring glory to Your name;
sun, moon, and stars illuminate and encircle Your throne.
Your heavenly servants exalt You,
they constantly testify to Your glory and your holiness.
And we too declare that You Adonai, be praised
for your wonderful creations,
for the lights that You turn on daily,
for the sun and moon that reflect your glory. Selah.

One choir of angels
Sings holiness and glory.
with a resounding echo, another choir responds:
“Praise God’s glory throughout the world.”
(EZ 3:12)
To the source of blessing
We offer sweet song.
To the living and eternal God, we sing our praises.
For You alone are
the source of all that is amazing
the maker of all that is new
the power behind our battles
the sower of righteousness
the grower of salvation
the creator of healing
the focus of our gratitude
the architect of wonders.
Each day You create the world all over again,
and again and again,
Through Your goodness and faithfulness.
As it is said: “Give thanks to the creator of the
great lights, for Your loving kindness is forever.”
(Ps. 136:7)
May You soon bring new light to Zion.
May we all be worthy of that light.
Blessed are You, Adonai,
creator of heavenly lights.

To the Source of Blessing we offer sweet song.
Great Spirit, the Ever-Living God.
We dance and sing and make our praises heard,
until we all merge as One.
God is great, making all that is new,
Master of struggles, sowing righteousness, too.
Like a tree whose loving branches comfort and heal,
a spring that flows with truth when we let ourselves feel.
Creation is renewed with the sunrise each day,
and blessed with goodness.
Eternal love makes the great lights shine,
around and within each of us.
Cause a new light to shine on Tziyon
as we open our hearts to the Heart of the World.
Blessed are You, Song of Life,
Creator of all the radiant lights.

What a wild burst of energy today!
I woke this morning
to Your beautiful sunlight,
to Your blue skies
and a world of possibility!

I am motivated.  
I am ready.  
I am Yours.

Let’s take this day together!
I will turn my back on past mistakes
walking ahead
in the rays of Your brilliant light!

I am energized.
I am healthy.
My heart is full.

Thank Your for this new day!
A new opportunity to pursue
everything that I am meant to be
and will be in You!   

The sun will not be Your light by day,
Nor the moon by night,
But Adonai will be
And everlasting light for you,
And your God will be your glory.
And on that day,
There will be neither bright light nor deep darkness.
It will be one day, known as Adonai’s
neither day nor night.
But at evening, there will be light.
Shine a new light upon Zion,
that we all might soon merit its radiance.
Blessed are You, Adonai, Creator of light.

Praise are You, Lord our God, King of the universe,
creating light and fashioning darkness, ordaining the order of creation.
You illumine the world and its creatures with mercy;
in Your goodness, day after day You renew Creation.
How manifold Your works, O Lord; with wisdom You fashioned them all.
The earth abounds with Your creations.
Uniquely exalted since earliest time,
enthroned on praise and prominence since the world began,
eternal God, with Your manifold mercies continue to love us,
our Pillar of strength, protecting Rock, sheltering Shield, sustaining Stronghold.

Our praiseworthy God with vast understanding fashioned the rays of the sun.
The good light He created reflects His splendor; radiant lights surround his throne.
His heavenly servants in holiness exalt the Almighty, constantly recounting His sacred glory.
Praise shall be Yours, Lord our God, for Your wondrous works,
for the lights You have fashioned, the sun and the moon which reflects your glory.

Our Rock, our Redeemer, our King, Creator of holy beings.
You shall be praised forever.
You fashion angelic spirits to serve You; beyond the heavens, they all await Your command.
In chorus they proclaim with reverence words of the living God, eternal King.
Adoring beloved, and choice are they all, in awe fulfilling their Creator’s will.
In purity and sanctity they raise their voices in song and psalm,
extolling and exalting, declaring the power, praise, holiness,
and majesty of God, the great mighty, awesome King, the Holy One.
One to another they vow loyalty to God’s kingship,
one to another they join to hallow their Creator with serenity, pure speech,
and sacred song, in unison chanting reverence:
Holy, holy, holy, Adonai tzeva’ot; the whole world is filled with His glory.
As in the prophet’s vision, soaring celestial creatures roar,
responding with a chorus of adoration:
Praised be the glory of the Lord throughout the universe.
To praiseworthy God they sweetly sing; the living, enduring God they celebrate in song.
For He is unique, doing mighty deeds, creating new life, championing justice,
sowing righteousness, reaping victory, bringing healing.
Awesome in praise, Sovereign of wonders, day after day in His goodness He renews Creation.
So sang the Psalmist:
“Praise the Creator of great lights, for his love endures forever.”
Cause a new light to illumine Zion, may we all soon share a portion of its radiance.
Praised are You, Lord, Creator of lights.

#Numbers above the prayer indicate number of words in the prayer.
#43 , (reform)
#343 (orthodox)
#102 , CCAR traditional version (reform)
#391 , Rosenstein (traditional)
#118 , Rosenstein interpretive version (traditional)
#88 , Wurdeman (multi-faith)
#82 , CCAR interpretive version (reform)
#395 , United Synagogue (conservative)
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