"Then God said, 'let there be light.'" Genesis 1:3

Sometimes a breakdown can be the beginning of a breakthrough. There is a
way of living through the trauma of a breakdown that prepares you for future
advance through transformation.

The way to cope with failure is to realize that failure is NOT final!

You have heard of Harvard Business School.  For years, Harvard Business
School tried to teach business success.  But they found that you cannot
learn very much by teaching about successful businesses.  So they changed
their whole curriculum.  They now teach failure.  They concentrate on
certain businesses that have failed and why they have done so.  They have
found that you can learn five times as much from failure as you can from

If you cope with failure in the right way, and believe that it is not
final, and take God's hand and say, "OK, God I have gotten myself into
another mess.  It is time to turn around and go a different way.  This
time, I am going to pray more and look to You daily, even
moment-by-moment," you will turn your whole life around!  It may take a
while.  But once you have turned yourself around and have begun to make
your way back to firm footing on success, you will have all possibilities
of your life at your beck and call.  If you call forth, in prayer, to God,
and claim your God-given good, you will surprise yourself with the

possibilities of good that await you.

“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” Job 22:28

You are not your past!  Use any failure as fuel to fan the flames of the
intense success just ahead.  All failure is transmuted by God.  Test
yourself.  If you are arguing with this, you are too locked into your past
failure.  Are you ready to move past the past?  Do not huddle down like an
animal licking its wounds; instead, pray for strength and courage to move

You can go in any direction you choose.  You can make yourself the
greatest success that you have ever been in your life, WITH God's help.

Will God speak to you?  You had better believe that God will speak to you.
It might not be an audible voice.  It might be an impression, a hunch, or
an idea to go in some direction.  But remember, God's Divine ideas are
always sound.

You walk in the newness of life this week, for God guides your thoughts,
words, and actions.  You are walking a new path in this week.  In
every thought inside of your mind, in every cell in your physical body, in
every aspect of your outer life, you are walking in the newness of life,
because God is always fresh and new.

You do your part, and accept the newness with an attitude of positivity
and adventure.  God is creating anew.  God is the creator.  You are the
creation.  Your life is also creation.  God creates perfection through
you.  You walk in the newness of life, for God is guiding your thoughts,
your words and your actions.

Life begins again in a wonderful way, when you can say to yourself, "I
can!"  A brand-new start, a clean slate brings a life teaming with

Clocks and calendars are human-made.  In God, time is always eternal and
unending.  In God, the present moment is sacred in which there is no push,
no hurry.  In God, you have an abundance of time for everything.  This
realization prevents you from being harassed and worried when something is
pressuring upon you.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, the Bible states, "God has made everything beautiful
in its time; also God has put eternity into a human's mind."

In God, you are lifted above the turmoil that may have been going on
around you.  You are kept relaxed and at peace when people and conditions
crowd in upon you.  In God, you are given mastery over your world.

Turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

God never quit on you – don’t you quit on God.

Christopher Chenoweth,


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