But I still grappled with the issue of proof. Prior to this epiphany, I was always a "show-me" kind of girl, and there was no way to see what I knew was true. I just knew it. So I decided to assume a few things and just go with it: Someone is in charge in this universe. That Someone is a positive force. Being in sync with that force and "going with the flow" makes my life better on a level that I can't explain logically. And I decided that was good enough. I don't understand how my car's engine works, but it takes me where I need to go. I think it's actually possible to use my mind and flex my faith muscles at the same time. I'll use all my senses as I go through life, but when I can't find my way, faith is what will take me home.

Faith vs. Reason

I'm here,
You're there,
And yet, we're together.

I've been around the block, around the world.
Somehow, You're everywhere I go.

Make me mindful that life is not all or nothing.

Embolden me as I fail forward
Knowing that the only mistake would be not to try.

Inspire me to progress every single day.

Remind me not to take it personally
When I call and You don't pick up.

You gave me the gift of reason
Precisely so I would ask questions.
Be patient with me as I engage my senses
And still find the faith to follow my heart.

-Ruth Williams


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