I spent an hour trying to get through to them today via the Internet. I jumped through all the hoops. (What was the name of my husband’s favorite grade school teacher? Really? Even he didn’t know.) After all that, I was informed that the, “e-repair system is down right now. Sorry.” I could call them, of course.

There is no feeling worse than that of not being heard, of not getting through to someone. I feel that way sometimes with God. I know he hears me. He’s just so darned inscrutable sometimes. I trust that the problem lies on my end, in my own faulty wiring. Still, I wish the line were clearer.

What if you knew God’s will for you, with perfect reception and clarity? What would you do different? Sometimes I wonder if my bad hearing is just a way of avoiding God’s call...a call that could be difficult, even frightening. I reassure myself that I want to hear. But maybe I ought to work on fixing the receiver.

  Faulty Connection

Are you there?
I could really use an answer,
a sign of some sort.
I beg of you — speak loudly.
Drop the sky on my head...
whatever it takes.
You know
I value Your judgment
above all others.
Let me know your will.
I long to do it, with a free and loving heart.
I'm listening.
I will always listen for you.

-Lori Strawn


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