Before I could walk,
I could draw
Through his eyes,
My imagination became
An extraordinary place,
With no limitations, that gave me
Wings to soar!
Surrounded by art lessons,
Museums, the symphony and theater
Slowly he helped develop
The gifts I had been given

Through his eyes,
I learned about unconditional love,
Watching him give that
To my mother, like endless waves
Washing upon the shore, never ending

When my sister and I were young
While other children gathered
Around the television
We walked on trails in the park,
Rolled up our pant legs
And went wading in a stream,
Not so much to feel the coolness
Of the water on our skin,
But to hunt for treasure, special stones
That later at home
We would reflect on,
The uniqueness of each one

Through his eyes,
I learned patience
After two daughters, several years later
A longing was fulfilled, a son was finally born
Like The Lion King, he held him up,
Blessed, that he had been rewarded

Through his eyes I learned
Commitment, as he held down several jobs,
To put food on our table, and that
Pride could be found in anything done
By always doing you're very best

Through his eyes, when our mother
Passed away, I learned about immortality,
As he kept her memory alive, by speaking
Of her often and encircling himself,
With everything that made her so special

Through his eyes I learned tolerance
That a person's skin can be different shades,
But like a rainbow, no hue is better than the other

As my dad now walks with outstretched hands
To meet his beloved wife Tobey, father, mother, brothers
And others he knew, that God had welcomed first,
I reflect on Michelangelo, who painted the Sistine Chapel,
I feel your amazing joy rush over me daddy,
As the heavens now... become your endless canvas...

  In loving memory of my father whose legacy lives on through us.


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