Good, decent, courteous. There's no need to fear darkness. Or even respond to it. We dispel ugliness by being beautiful.

I once worked with a woman who celebrated her feminine beauty every day. She didn't wait for Halloween to dress up as something exciting. She didn't need permission, excuses or an invitation to a Masquerade Ball to let her glorious self shine 'til you squinted. She had a wild laugh, lioness hair, ooh-la-la shoes and an overall cayenne approach to life that I admired. Eva took great care of her mom when she was in cancer treatment, she raised two sons mostly as a single Mom, and she was savvy enough to invest in real estate. And did I mention that she could tear up a salsa dance floor?

Eva's cup was so full of good deeds, festivities and adornments that made everyone smile, she raised the atmosphere of wherever she was. I think of Eva as an example of embodying the Light of my Creator, and seeing every day as a special occasion to shine.

I Will Fear No Evil

If I let the morning headlines
or the evening news
have the last word;
If I let money challenges
or health scares
have the last word;
If I let the envy
or judgment of others
have the last word;
I might not be inspired
to leap out of bed.
But fortunately,
I'm plugged in to You.
Direct access to peace
that transcends understanding
and eliminates confusion.
With You I have no need
of luck or superstition.
You promise goodness and mercy
to follow me all the days of my life,
and I believe You.

-Erika Harris


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