So, I've been seeing orange a lot lately, and besides the usual auto-triggered cravings, I've also noticed a few mild stressors related to holiday-. Knowing that family-bonding is a good thing, but also knowing how dreadful it can be. (And please don't judge me for telling the truth!) Knowing that gift-giving feels best when it's "just because," but feeling the social pressure to go ahead and merchandize this time of year like "everybody else". (We don't want to look like a Scrooge, do we?) Knowing that goodwill and good moods are appropriate all year round, but since we withheld so many times, we'd better get it in now. (How convenient that we get to make up for being a jerk the rest of the year!).

Help Me to Stay Awake During the Holidaze

Sleigh bells ringing
'gainst black velvet sky.
Over households filled with light.
The heat of love, and knowing why,
we celebrate these days On High.

The bells do surely ring,
and how I hear is up to me.
Help me discern a baby's rattle from Thunder.
And if there's no difference,
help me understand that, too.

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