Prayer changes.  Depending on what we're currently facing.  We (humans) designed it to be flexible and multi-purpose like that; to reflect the seasons of our lives. Consider how different your prayers are when:

  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Getting promoted
  • Getting fired
  • Getting healed
  • Getting diagnosed
  • Getting inspired
  • Getting tired
  • Getting fed
  • Getting hungry

The way we connect with God reflects how we feel about what we're facing.  Two weeks ago,  how panicked I was about a close family member whose life has been unraveling for many years.

I admitted how responsible I felt for her and her troubles.  How tired I was of my 'rescue routine,' and how afraid I was to stop intervening.  Could I really "Let go, and let God?"  Would my loved one face eviction if neither God nor I showed up to cover her rent?

The stakes felt high, but I turned it over. For the first time in more than 7 years, I did nothing. Well, I did do something. I prayed. With no net. I asked for her protection, and my freedom. I accessed a depth of faith reserved for the summoning of supernatural assistance. I prayed -- asserted strong trust and confidence -- with no Plan B. Free-fall. Hoping for a soft landing.

And God did not disappoint.  (Understatement!)

The swiftness with which my loved one started pulling herself together, once she saw my new position, was shocking. She got more accomplished in the last two weeks, than she has in the last two years.

Note to self:  Erika, underestimating God is a colossal waste of time and energy.  Believe faster.

Radical Trust

It usually forces itself upon you,
because you'd probably never choose
the discomfort that comes with being
completely out of control.  Utterly humbled
by the hardness of the circumstance.
And depleted of ability or resource of your own
to fix it.  So you have no choice, in tight corners like these.
But the trade-off is sweet.  In exchange for your red-hot,
child-like certainty in a Perfect Source of Love and Power,
you get consumed by calm... you get sho 'nuff assured
of the Ultimate Goodness that cradles us all.
Radical trust changes things by changing you.

- Erika Harris


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