maryboscaino_2I had a friend once who said I was a round person. Thanks, I thought. Then, she explained that there are "round" people and "tentacle" people. Round people let things roll off, and tentacle people lash out or are always ready to respond in like form to a hurt or injustice. She described herself as a tentacle person.

Yes, I could see that, but she was also the one who would stand up for other people right away, and took things seriously enough to get the job done quickly every time. I guess I did those things, too, but in a less obvious and more measured way.

Both types of personalities have their pros and cons, but knowing which you are can allow you to build on the positives you possess. I'd say my daughter possesses some of her dad's tentacle nature, but she has also been with her husband long enough, and perhaps had some of my round nature to begin with, that she can be a very measured and gentle mother.

Her husband is gentle and thoughtful in his ways, even with me, and I appreciate that as a mother-in-law who at one time lived with them. It made living with them a joy, along with the fact that I got to see my granddaughter every day. I'm sure my daughter has acquired some of his positive nature, as he has taken on some of hers.

Their interactions with my granddaughter are impressive, even at times of discipline. They don't have to raise their voices much at all, and "the look" lets her know they mean business. I've never seen a physical correction to any misbehaving, and she is usually a joy to be around. I say "usually" because she definitely has her moments. Now that there is a baby sister in the mix, the family dynamics will adjust to allow for that addition.

What are the positives that your spouse, or child possesses that at times you see as a negative? What positives and negatives do you think they see in you? How can you allow your personality plusses to bring peace into your family on an ongoing basis?

 Committed to Each Other

As they commit themselves
to each other's
hearts, hands and lives,
I thank You.
For helping them
find each other—
friends and lovers,
supporters and confidants.

Thank You for letting me
share in their joy-
to bask in the love
of two such special people.

Thank You for the bond
that brings us together-
for this and so much more,
I thank You.

- Sue Bradford Edwards


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