What a weird word. What is the size of "metasta?" Must be mighty big. Bigger than the human heart can bear.

Another doctor talked about "mets to the liver." Like there was some nefarious baseball team in there wreaking havoc. My father lasted until shortly after my birthday and then his body gave out. My mother passed on a few years later.

When you lose both of your parents, you feel like an orphan, no matter how old you are. Too late, I realized that the world had lost two of the greatest human beings it had never known. And that I had lost the two people who were always in my corner, no matter what.

I think we should all "metatate" today. As in meditate, only change our way of thinking about it. Let's not go into it thinking we're going to be all touchy-feely and escape the world; let's bring it into the world with us. The obvious thing is to suggest that you express your love for those who mean something to you, but let's go farther than that.

Just for today, wait for the answer when you ask a colleague at work, "How ya doin?" Find a way to rise above petty annoyances and keep your anger in check. Go through the entire day with an open heart and a positive outlook.

Consider that you're not the only one on the highway with someplace to be, and drive as if the tailgater behind you is really a lost soul in search of a leader. Be a leader today. Set the tone. Count your blessings out loud. Don't let someone else decide you're having a bad day. Keep it light, and expect good things.

Tell yourself this is the best day of your life. Then make it happen. Just for today. Oh, and then I want you to rinse and repeat, and do it every day for the rest of your life. Is that too much to ask? Why, you'd have to be downright meta-physical to pull that one off. Or know Someone who is. Take it on a wing and a prayer: Give it a try - just for today - and let your faith flag fly.

Raising the Bar

Today is the day of absolute abandon.
Blessings beyond belief.
New perspectives. Ancient traditions.
Friends I haven't met yet.
Listening deeply. Feeling fully.
This is the day I say yes to everything.
Life, love, risk, spinning yarns, being in the moment.
Surround me with the sound of church bells,
voices chanting, children playing.
Give me all that a life can contain
and joy du jour, until my jaw hurts from laughing.
Make it possible for me to do what's right and still
keep it real, and keep it light.

-Ruth Williams


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