Hesitating, she then went on to explain that she had to have some teeth extracted and that the transportation she had lined up, canceled due to an emergency.  “Can you take me?” She asked. “Of course” I responded “What are friends for! When is it?”  “Today” she said in a soft voice. “My appointment is in an hour from now. I know that doesn’t give you much notice. After the procedure I need someone to drive me home, get me to my bedroom and pick-up a prescription. I’m sorry that‘s a lot to throw at you.” My mind raced; forget about writing, getting your nails done and grocery shopping, you’ve been drafted! “Not a problem” I heard myself say ‘I’ll be there in a half an hour.”

Picking her up at her apartment, I could see she felt relived that I was there to help. Checking in at the front desk of the oral surgeon’s office, we were told though this rarely happens; the doctor was running very late due to several emergencies. I turned and saw the look on my friends face, she was scared about being “put out” for the procedure and now, she had even more time to think about it. I know why I’m here I reflected, I can always get her laughing and in an “up” mood and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Two hours later they finally called her name. The nurse told me I could leave and come back if I wanted. I looked at my friend again, who had suddenly turned pale and said “No, I want to be right out here, waiting for her when she wakes up.” Turning, I gave my friend a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek “You’re going to sail through this, and I’ll be right out here praying just that.

Gratitude filled her eyes. When she awoke, I was there, holding her hand to reassure her. From being wheeled down to my car, to later getting her settled at home…it was time now for me to go and start dinner. I got nothing accomplished that day that I had wanted to do…but, I’m happy to say, I accomplished everything that God had wanted!

Through Your Eyes

Today, tomorrow and always,
may I be allowed to see everyone 
I come in contact with,
through Your eyes.

When they speak out in anger,
let me see the hurt
that consumes them,
the anguish that shields their tears.

Let me be the reassuring voice
that heals, giving me Your words.
Let me see that a human touch
can save another human being.

Let me see the stranger
who You created out of love,
replacing their needs
over my own.

Let me see how the world
was meant to be,
through Your eyes, now and forever.

-Heidi Haller


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