Maybe we ought to define our terms more clearly and say "religious-minded." Or maybe we should stop putting each other into little boxes we can check off in our minds.

Is it possible to just accept that everyone sees the world through different eyes? I think being a believer in a cynical world makes it even clearer for me as to where I stand. It's hard to explain to those who don't "get" faith, and maybe that's the point. That's their journey. If they find something meaningful in a ritual or tradition of their own making, aren't they religious too? Maybe Bingo at the church doesn't qualify, but I've seen people get mighty cranky when they have to miss it!

I've watched blue-haired ladies at the flea market in their sensible shoes having a religious experience upon finding a good bargain. I used to watch "Lost" religiously. I have always been faithful to George Clooney, although he has frequently cheated on me through the years!

Religion may be in the heart of the beholder, but tolerance should be a universal law. Let's agree to disagree when we need to, and look the other way when our worldviews don't jibe. There really is room for everyone.

Small World

Every time I run into a friend I haven't seen in decades,
she says, "small world."
But in truth, it's really quite large.
Big enough to accommodate you, me, whole countries,
small minds, shuttered hearts, hurtful habits.
Vivify us as we let the light inside fade out.
Resurrect the faith we may have lost.
Build us up again when we've crumbled to the core.
Walk beside my brother who doesn't believe.
Lead him not to the place of fervor but of quiet calm.
Comfort those who believe and those who don't,
as we share the sky, sea, earth and future.

-Ruth Williams

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