My value of daylight hours is not economic.  Sunlight does not signal my brain to "go forth and shop!"  Sunlight warms my skin and brightens my view.  Somehow it makes green seem more green, and it makes me want to get out in it.  Get out it in the green grass, not move around green paper.

All the advertisements and social cues in the world cannot cause me to forget what I really am -- a wondrously complex and sapient being, not a "consumer" thank you very much.

Tick-Tock Goes My Clock Time is like air,
it's a background to everything.
It's always there,
and like things "always there,"
I can sometimes
take it for granted,
or not use it wisely.
I yearn to spend
my time like diamonds,
creating premium moments;
leveraging minutes for masterpieces,
upgrading conversations into communion,
allowing the brightest beams
of my nature to shine through,
while I live as though I am on fire.

This is how I want to spend my time,
not in shopping aisles.
I've got life!
And consumer culture
cannot fool me into thinking
I merely exist to buy and sell more stuff.
I am more than that.
I am a reflection
of You who hung the stars.

-Erika Harris


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