White walls, wood work, and huge windows stretch the length of the room. Chandeliers and the polished pipes of the organ glisten in the sun.

My son ricocheted from one end of the room to the other.

I knew it. The war stuff was better.

Then he careened my way. "How far are we from home?" he asked.

"What? You mean miles?"

"No. How long does it take to get here?" When I told him about 90 minutes he sighed. "Wouldn't it be great to come here for a service?"

Maybe, just maybe.

After we got home, I asked him what he liked most about the day. "Getting to see that church," he said. Something about it had drawn him in too. Why was I so sure it hadn't?

He still loves role playing games that pit him against villains of all kinds. Like I said, he is 100% boy. But then I'm equally drawn to books and music, my friends and knitting and even role playing games. Yet, I can still step away and connect with my Creator through walking meditation and the accompanying prayer.

Instead of deciding when and how and even if others can make similar connections, I am going to try to simply observe. Perhaps I'll learn something I can put to work in my own life. Something about patience and faith in my fellow man.

Trust the Connections

When and where
I will connect with You
isn't something I can predict,
yet I judge when and where
others will make these connections.

Only with You
can I lead without pushing,
wait without impatience and
give others the space
to find You wherever
You are in their day and
in the world.

In me, You see possibility.
Please help me see others
through Your eyes,
to love others
through Your heart,
to not place my own limitations
on their possibilities.

-Sue Bradford Edwards

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