At the risk of sounding super cheesy, I will admit that the growing momentum of the green movement has begun to affect my spiritual life. After all—as I've often said—I believe that prayer is not simply about our relationship with our Higher Power. While the conversation may be private, the effects are public. In prayer, God reminds me of who I am not only to Her, but also to the world. I am a wheel in a much larger machine, and my simplest job is to respect the process of the machine.

As more of my fellow humans begin to embrace a new lifestyle—a lifestyle that demonstrates respect for the world and our roles within it—I begin to feel a sense of fellowship. We're joined together in a movement to honor the Machine . . . to learn to move in compassion and respect, so we never take more than we give or destroy what cannot be recreated.

Different origins, different paths, and different supermarket chains on our reusable shopping bags. But, as always, the same greater purpose.


Show me my place today.
Let me see that I am not witnessing this world;
I am part of it.
All of it.

I am not separate from Your air
or Your animals.
I am not separate from Your oceans
or forests.
I am certainly not separate from Your humans.

So open my eyes
and show me the cogs that join us.
Let me witness my own rotation
as a cause of spinning gears.

Teach me at last to sustain and be sustained
with perfect respect
for the machine of Your masterful creation.

-Abigail Wurdeman

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