It wasn't until I saw the tail-end of an Oprah show about the new-age film, the Secret, that I started to wonder how much of this I had done to myself. And I was shocked at the answer. Every time I said, "I'll stay in this job, for now", or "I'll keep the status quo of this dysfunctional marriage," I made my choice. Each interim measure that lasted for years had my fingerprints all over it.

So I opened up to the notion of possibility. Hope. Grace. And found that I could turn the light on in my own life if I just had a little faith.

Wide Open Spaces

Everyone contains the breadth of eternity inside them.

Galaxies of possibility,
Dark matter, shooting stars.

We think we have no say in the matter,
That we are but specks on the continuum of time.

But every time we do the right thing
Even when nobody is looking,

Each time we "take it on faith,"
New worlds form and supernovas burst into being.

The horizon's wide open now, the past has been jettisoned.

Open my eyes to what is possible
And my heart to what's true.

Map out the uncharted skies for me so I know I'm on my way.

-Ruth Williams


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